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6 incredible slip-resistant hospital work shoes

When you're working in a hospital, you need to wear supportive and reliable footwear. Along with needing shoes that provide effective support when you're on your feet, it's crucial you have slip-resistant shoes. In hospitals, slips, trips and falls happen. And if you fall on a hard hospital floor, you can suffer a serious injury. If you need to run to the ER or have to assist during a busy surgery, you need to be able to trust your footwear. Slipping during an operation can cause major complications. Here are some of the best slip-resistant hospital work shoes to wear.



Old School Low Rider II


The Old School Low Rider II has an incredible iconic style. Made from high quality genuine leather, they are durable shoes that provide excellent support when walking on hard floors. Fitted with the SFC Mighty Grip outsole, the Old School has fantastic grip on slippery floors. You don't get many shoes which offer style and excellent health and safety features. 






Thanks to its shock-absorbing design, Evolution is a popular choice when walking on hard floors. When you're on your feet for long periods of time, you're exposing your feet to repetitive strain and this can cause your ankles to ache. If you're wearing unsupportive footwear, your feet are more vulnerable to chronic foot conditions like plantar fasciitis. Fitted with the SFC Mighty Grip outsole, these are excellent slip-resistant hospital work shoes.





Vitality is an atheltic slip-resistant style. It provides extra support for those who are on their feet for most of their shift and because Vitality is extremely lightweight, it doesn't put excess strain on your ankles. The reinforced heels helps to protect your feet from repetitive stress. Along with the padded collar and removable cushioned insoles, these work trainers give plenty of comfort and support - making them great slip-resistant shoes to wear when working in a hospital.



Condor Women





Condor Women offers maximum support. When you're working in a busy and demanding work environment like a hospital you need to wear reliable footwear. Condor Women has plenty of supportive features: padded ankle collar, arch support and removable cushioned insoles. You face a lot of problems in a hospital, don't let your footwear be one of them.






Eastside is a popular choice for healthcare professionals because of its easy slip-on and slip-off style. The lightweight design is perfect when you're on your feet for most of your shift. Made from genuine leather, these are high quality shoes for work.



SFC Froggz Classic II

SFC Froggz Classic II is a popular style for nurses and doctors. This comfortable and supportive clog style provides extra support in all areas of your job. The pivotal strap helps to keep the shoes securely fitted to your feet. Made from high quality EVA/rubber blend, these clogs have self-massaging insoles which helps to massage and free any tension in your feet.


These type of shoes are excellent surgery clogs that you can wear when performing surgeries.




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