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6 Benefits of Safety Shoes for Warehouse Workers

The right pair of warehouse safety shoes can keep you comfortable and on your feet for even the longest shifts. You’ll be aware of how dangerous warehouses can be so it’s important you think about safety as well as comfort when deciding what to wear. Here are some of the benefits of safety shoes for warehouse workers.

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Why Warehouse Staff Should Wear Safety Shoes


Make the switch to high-quality safety shoes and you’ll start to see all kinds of benefits, including:

Less Chance of an Injury

Safety shoes are specially designed to keep the wearer safe at all times. Warehouses can be hazardous places to work, particularly if safety rules aren’t being followed. All it takes is one heavy object to be dropped or someone operating a vehicle to drive negligently and you can sustain an injury that stops you from working.


If you’re wearing the wrong pair of shoes, then one dropped heavy item can crush your toes and leave you with a serious injury. Safety shoes are often puncture-resistant and created with toe caps that absorb energy and keep you safe from harm. Rocket81 is puncture-resistant and has a composite toe than can withstand 200 Joules of impact.

Rocket81 protects you from slips, trip and falling items. 


When choosing the right pair of safety shoes for warehouse work, remember to see if the pair has been awarded safety certificates. There are a number of EU certificates that are awarded to shoes that meet certain guidelines.

Less Likely to Slip or Fall

One of the most common accidents to take place in any work environment is a slip. In European countries, slips, trips and falls are the largest cause of accidents that result in more than three days of absence from work. It only takes a small spill or wet area to make the surface unsafe to walk on.


If you’re wearing inappropriate or poor-quality shoes in the warehouse, then you’re more likely to experience a slip or trip. A good pair of safety shoes will keep you on your feet, no matter the surface.


Look for a pair of safety shoes that has a tapered outsole as this can minimise the risk of trips. Shoes that are slip-resistant will prevent you from falling even when the floor is wet or as you move between different surface types.


Roma81 are perfect for warehouse workers. They let you cover more ground without feeling any discomfort and prevent slips or trips that could cause a serious injury. They’re also waterproof to keep your feet warm and dry if you have to work outside.

Roma81 are high-quality waterproof and puncture-proof safety shoes. 


Better Arch Support

The arches on your feet absorb the brunt of the pressure as you walk and move around the warehouse. You might not think of each shift as a workout, but because you’re constantly moving, you’re experiencing the same pressures as if you were an athlete. Just as it’s important for an athlete to wear the right shoes, it’s vital you do the same.


Shoes with better arch support give your foot stability, preventing it from excessive rolling that can lead to problems. The right kind of shoe depends on the kind of arch you have, so make sure to carry out research and find the perfect safety shoes to suit your needs.


Reduced Stiffness

You might not realise that the muscle or joint pain you’re suffering from is directly linked to your choice of footwear. Back pain in particular is common in warehouse workers who aren’t wearing the right shoes.


It’s known as a kinetic chain when the movement of one joint directly impacts another. If you aren’t looking after your feet then the knock-on effect could be serious knee or back pains that eventually stop you from working altogether.


Fewer Blisters

A painful blister can make every step agony. The longer you’re on your feet each day, the more pressure you’re putting on your heels, soles and toes. If you’re wearing ill-fitting shoes then they’re more likely to rub on your feet and cause blisters to develop.


Your favourite pair might look fantastic, but if they don’t fit your feet correctly, then you’ll develop painful blisters. Shoes like Advance81 give feet the support they need to avoid blisters as well as being comfortable and slip-resistant.


Advance81 are CE and S1 certified.

No Need to Make Regular Repeat Purchases

After a couple of months of regular use, a high street pair of work shoes might start to show signs of wear and tear. You’re faced with a choice - either suffer with shoes that are starting to be unfit for purpose or buy a new pair and face another annoying bill.

Shoes might be a great deal now, but in the long-run, you’ll end up paying more to replace them as you're buying so often. High-quality safety shoes last much longer than any other kind of work shoe, keeping you comfortable, safe and dry for months without experiencing any wear and tear.


How Safe is the Warehouse You Work In?


Safety shoes are just one of the ways you can make sure that you’re protected at work. A warehouse can be a dangerous place if those responsible don’t take the necessary steps.

If you’ve never really thought about the safety standards in your warehouse, then make sure to download our useful guide. It features surprising stats about working in a warehouse and signs to look out for that might show yours isn’t up to scratch. You can then use the guide to take steps to ensure you’re safe and comfortable while working.


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