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5 Ways Our New Sole Helps Hospitality Staff Stay Safe at Work

In the hospitality and catering industry, you’re on your feet all day, moving constantly maybe between carpet and tile, or, for outdoor events, between patios, grass, and the kitchen. Slips and trips are safety issues, and it’s important to have the right footwear to keep you safe. Even with comfortable footwear, you can still get aches and pains from walking all day - sore feet, sore back, joint pain. The right shoes can help keep you motivated day after day, providing an advantage at work.


Here are 5 ways our new sole technology helps hospitality staff stay safe at work.

Reduce Joint and Back Pain

Our Hoverlite technology means our shoes are lighter than ever, which helps those in the catering and hospitality industry, who are on their feet all day, reduce the pressure on their bodies. Lighter shoes removes the pressure from joints, legs and knees. Better alignment means less back pain and other work-related injury.

The engineered foam compound makes our shoes extra light, removing 100 grams per step, and - trust us - it makes all the difference in your work day. Ho

verlite works for anyone who’s on their feet all day - chefs, waiters, bartenders, cleaners, and anyone else in catering and hospitality.



Prevent Slips

We have done our research and discovered that big lugs (the stopper grip at the front of your shoe) can be a trip hazard. So we created TripGuard by adding a slight curve and a tight lug pattern to make it easy for you to move from slippery, dangerous surfaces to carpets to rugs to grass to patio to tile and everything in between safely.

So if you work as a bartender, server or waiter, chef or kitchen staff, or a cleaner, we’ll have the shoes that are right for you. Not only do we already provide the highest rated slip-resistant soles, TripGuard goes the extra mile to keep you safe from the most commonly reported work accidents - slips and trips - which account for over 40% of all workplace accidents.




But we have more than TripGuard, and slip-resistance to keep you safe. We also have Shoe Traction. Not everyone works the same way; your job will determine how you move at work and what sort of traction you need to keep you safe. Shoes for Crews (Europe) Ltd. has Shoe Traction that combines efficient and effective traction pattern, and puts them exactly where you need them for your specific role. So a bar staff shoe won’t have the same Shoe Traction as a chef shoe, just as a catering shoe won’t have the same Shoe Traction as a cleaning shoe.


Move With Your Foot

Your high-street trainer won’t cut it when it comes to hospitality and catering industry work. It doesn’t have special features that work for you like Flex Tread in which our outsoles mimic the foot’s natural movement; it is more flexible than a traditional shoe, so the shoe will move with you and not against you. A non-specialty shoe will be stiff and can stop you from being safe.

A shoe that moves with your foot will allow for greater safety and support and reduce stress on the bones in your foot - just think of what a stiff outsole will do when it’s working against your foot! For those on the move all day like caterers and hospitality staff, this technology will help you tremendously.


Stops You Getting Things Stuck

Along with Shoe Traction, clog resistance will help you stay safe at work. Clog resistance isn’t one of our new features, but it’s especially important for those in the catering and hospitality industries. When you move from surface to surface, say, grass or even around debris in a kitchen, you don’t want things stuck in your shoe causing foot pain or slowing you down. Our clog resistance technology has traction lugs with wider spacing to stop debris from getting stuck in the outsole. Ever had that pebble stuck in your high-street trainer? Not only is debris hard to get unstuck, they can be a hinderance if you’re, say, catering an outdoor event, and need to keep going when carrying that heavy drinks tray.





Provide Water Resistance and/or Waterproofing

Many of our old styles already had Water Resistance and Waterproof technology built in, meaning that your foot is protected, but now we also have Spillguard as an added safety feature. Spillguard means that our shoes have material overlays to protect your forefoot from hot liquids. So if you’re a chef or baker in the kitchen and some hot butter or sugar splashes onto your feet, they’ll be protected. Likewise, bar staff and waiters may deal with hot food, hot simple syrup and a number of other hazards, SpillGuard helps to keep your feet safe from potentially harmful burns.


Our new and existing features are designed to help you stay safe and comfortable at work - and beyond. Many of our styles are stylish enough to wear at work, on a night out, at the gym, or on your morning errand run. Your high-street shoes won’t provide the support that you need to keep you on your feet all day, so you shouldn’t miss out on something that will revolutionise your day. We have something for every job role and every industry.



Our New Catalogue Explains It All!

Download our new catalogue to learn about these technologies in-depth, and look at our new styles. We have something for everyone in the hospitality and catering industry at every price point. It’s worth the investment!


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