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5 Reasons Why Your Hotel Staff Need Slip-Resistant Shoes

Making sure that your staff are wearing the correct work footwear is vitally important. Not only are hotel staff expected to be on their feet for long periods of time but there are also hazards that the right pair of shoes can protect them from.


Plus, you obviously want to make a good impression so the right pair of shoes can be the finishing touches on any uniform to make you look professional. There are many benefits to the right pair of hotel staff shoes and this post will outline and explain five of them.


Protects Against Hazards


Slips, trips and falls are the most common workplace accident and the hotel industry is no different. One moment you could be working on the bar and the next behind the reception desk, so you’re going to be walking over different flooring that is perhaps slippery from spillages.

Slip-resistant shoes will keep workers confident on their feet throughout their shift. You shouldn’t have to go to work and be worried that you might end up on the floor at any given moment due to wearing the wrong shoes.


Plus, hazards are around every corner in a hotel environment, whether it’s the guests themselves or luggage being left around.


Looks Professional


Guests will have made their mind up about the hotel and the service within a matter of seconds. As everybody knows, it’s hard to reverse a bad first impression so you need to make sure everything is spot on.


One key factor that people are quick to judge on is staff uniform. You wouldn’t be very impressed if you turned up to a five-star boutique hotel and the receptionist had a tracksuit on, would you?

The right uniform makes a statement. It shows that you’re super professional and that you’re a well-established, successful hotel. Plus, not only does it look professional, it gives your staff a sense of unity by wearing the same clothes which will empower them and make them feel valued - keeping morale levels up.


Cambridge are the perfect style that will leave a professional impression of your staff long in the memory of your customers. The leather exterior is timeless and is sure to look great with most hotel uniforms. 



Offers the Right Comfort and Support


Being on your feet all day can prove to be an absolute killer. Aching muscles and joints, back and neck pain or even blisters can all arise from wearing inappropriate footwear for the job. The last thing you want is to get home from work and finally put your feet up but you’re in pain instead.

If your staff are working with sustained injuries, they’re not going to be working at full capacity and efficiency levels may drop. However, if they’re comfortable on their feet at work, they’ll naturally get the job done quicker and easier. Hotel shoes should have features like proper arch support and should also include extra cushioning and ventilation too.


Improves Productivity


If your staff aren’t wearing the correct shoes and are afraid of hurting themselves, they’re going to work with extra caution which means that every task will take longer to do. Longer tasks lead to productivity levels taking a hit and you won’t be working to full capacity.


The right shoes can allow you to move around the hotel, over various different types of floors without you worrying that you may fall at any time.

Plus, if staff are complaining of sore feet and other injuries, the chances are that spirits and morale in the hotel won’t be high at all. If morale has taken a hit then the chances are that productivity will be low too.


If your staff aren’t worried about hurting or injuring themselves, then morale will naturally increase and if people are happy at work, it’s proven that they work harder. 


Cheaper in the Long Run


As the old saying goes, “buy cheap, you buy twice!” And it couldn’t be any truer in this instance.


High-street alternatives are often the first products looked at because they’re fashionable and have an attractive price point, but are they practical for the workplace? Absolutely not. You’ll find that they wear a lot quicker than slip-resistant shoes do, which means that you’ll have to replace them at least twice or even thrice per year.

Not only are high-street alternatives far less durable, but they also provide you with little protection from hazards. If you want to be safe at work, the right safety shoes are a must. The price tag may be a little higher than the high street, however you’ll save money in the long run by not having to replace them constantly. See our large range of hotel safety shoes below. 



Guest Satisfaction is Everything


So, after you’ve kitted out your team in the latest safety shoes, they’ll be ready to take on the world. Well, not quite. But they’ll definitely be able to start delighting your guests at all times, going the extra distance to make sure that they’re enjoying their stay so they’ll be rebooking as soon as they leave.

But, what are the best practices? And how do you keep guests satisfied at all times? Well, we’ve put together an all-in-one guide that covers everything you need to know.


From unique hotel ideas to what your front of house team should be wearing, download it below for free today.

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