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5 of the best slip resistant dress shoes for women

When your boss says you need to wear safety shoes for work, it's normal to imagine big, clunky shoes. But that's in the past. Nowadays you can get a better variety of work shoes so you have more choice on what you want to wear, yet still have all those important safety features.  Here are some of the best slip resistant dress shoes for women:





Slip-resistance dress shoes for women


1) NEW! Valencia



With its classic style and comfortable interior, Valencia is a popular work shoe.


Valencia is a lightweight shoe which is suitable for active job roles. If your job demands you to be walking back and forth from customers, you really need shoes that aren't heavy on your ankles. The SFC Mighty Grip® Slip-Resistant Outsole also gives you maximum grip on slippery surfaces like water, grease and ice. The ultra-soft suede-like lining inside the shoe is a blessing on your feet after finishing an eight hour shift.


Because of Valencia's high quality makeup, this style is excellent for working in a restaurant, behind the bar, in hotels and aboard cruise liners. 



2) Jackie



A traditional style with a modern twist, Jackie offers incredible comfort and support. 


Made with full-grain leather, these are durable shoes that are easy to maintain compared to a cheap pair of plastics. The 7cm heel gives a comfortable lift and the cushioned insoles helps you feel supported throughout your shift. The water resistance protection keeps your feet dry from splashes and puddles. 


Jackie is ideal for working in a wide range of industries, like: bars, cafes, catering, cruise liners, facilities, hotels, fast food, restaurants and supermarkets.



3) Ballerina II



Designed from the popular ballet style, Ballerina II offers everything you need from work shoes: comfort, safety, style and longevity. 


Don't underestimate Ballerina II because of its elegant appearance, behind the style is plenty of reliable safety features. Tough full grain leather, water resistance protection and the slip-resistant outsole is everything you need from your work shoes. 


Ballerina II is suitable for working in: restaurants, bars, hotels and cruise liners. 



4) Jenni



Jenni's tailored style makes it an excellent professional shoe. When your job expects you to be talking to customers and also working in a hazardous work environment, Jenni offers both safety and style. 


The cushioned insoles and supportive midsoles, keep your feet supported while you're walking and standing for long periods of time. The shock absorbing footboard protects your feet from excessive strain to your feet and ankles. The SFC Mighty Grip slip-resistant outsole helps you stay on your feet on slippery floors.


Jenni is suitable for many different industries. When working in a restaurant, takeaway, hotel or bar, these shoes will reduce the chance of falling and keep your feet supported. 



5) Kate



Kate has everything you need from a pair of slip-resistant shoes, making it one of the best dress shoes for work. 


The 7cm rubber heel gives strong and stable support. Made from full-grain leather, Kate's elegant style is perfect for customer facing jobs where you're required to look professional at all times. The cushioned insoles make these comfortable heels for work. Along with water-resistance protection and slip-resistant outsoles, these are reliable safety shoes.


Kate is ideal for a wide range of industries, this style has been worn by hotel, cruise liners and restaurant staff.



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Only 5 styles have been mentioned above, visit our shop to see more styles of slip resistant dress shoes for women:





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We understand the importance of seeing all the features of your shoes before going to checkout. That's why we created our technical sheet library, an online centre which has all the safety features of our shoes so you have all the facts before you buy. It's free to look:

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