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5 of the Best Shoes for Working on Your Feet All Day

As a bartender, safety should be your number one priority; this applies to everything - from what you do to what you wear. With long shifts and late nights, what you put on to go to work might be the last thing on your mind, but it shouldn’t be.


Here are five of the best shoes for working on your feet all day. 

  1. 1. The Modern Mixologist
  2. 2. The Busy Bartender
  3. 3. The Hotel Host
  4. 4. The Nightclub Worker
  5. 5. The Local Barman



1. The Modern Mixologist


Blending spirits and flavours on request to meet the expectations of your customers should be done with both flair and sophistication. However, as well as looking the part, you also need to be sure that any liquid you may spill from shaking up cocktails doesn’t result in a disaster. Spillages can cause you to slip and may result in injury - wearing the wrong choice of footwear could affect your entire shift. 


To cater to the fashion-focused females, Reese is subtle yet effective in its safety. This style provides all the simplicity and style of your usual ballerina shoe but combined with all the features you need for the workplace. These include slip-resistance, our new pressure release technology and a water-resistant synthetic upper, to keep your feet comfortable and dry through those long shifts. 



For men, we would recommend Statesman. An elegant yet - again - simple design, which can take you from being behind the bar shaking cocktails, to attending to the customers on the other side of it. The water-resistant leather upper protects against spillages, while the cushioned footboard ensures comfort throughout the evening. 



2. The Busy Bartender 


If it gets hectic at work (whether it's because of happy hour being announced or it being last call for orders), the last thing you need is to accidentally slip or trip.


Finn provides you with slip-resistant traction for safety and optional laces for style choices. This allows you to seamlessly go from working behind the bar to socialising with friends in front of it - transforming you from being an efficient worker to a casual customer within seconds. 


For women, Mavi gives a more relaxed look, but is equally as effective with cushioning gel insoles to give you added comfort.


3. The Hotel Host


Being a host in a hotel means you can have countless jobs you need to do each day. This requires you to have footwear which provides you with both versatility and a professional appearance. You need to look appropriate for your job role but also be dressed suitably as you’ll be on your feet all day. 


Envy III combines these features of professionalism and practicality. The smart yet simplistic design helps you navigate from working behind the hotel bar to standing behind the reception desk, ready to greet guests. 



For men, the lace-up style of Senator offers a look of high sophistication and authority. The slip-resistant soles allow for confidence, while the padded collar and cushioned footboard add vital comfort to those long work days.


4. The Nightclub Worker


When you’re spending your shifts serving behind the bar and trying to dodge dancers on the floors of clubs, which are likely to be covered in spilt drinks, you need simple, resilient shoes with great grip. The attire of those around you demands an on-trend, relaxed design, while the nature of your job requires hard-wearing shoes with great grip. 


For this, Old School Low-Rider IV is perfect. With a style for both men and for women, the typical trainer style keeps that casual club style and features slip-resistant soles. This type of shoe is the perfect balance between achieving a laid-back look and keeping you safe and comfortable throughout your shift.




For a style more focused on design, go for Freestyle II or Liberty. With slip-resistant Zone Traction and TripGuard, you can be sure you will stay safe on the club floor. Plus, the sleek style and simple design of these models ensure they are ideal for club work.  





5. The Local Barman  


We know that working in a guesthouse can mean being stood behind a bar for long hours and keeping busy. This can result in tired, worn-out feet. 


It can be difficult to keep up a friendly attitude and approach - especially towards the end of a particularly long shift. However, keeping yourself comfortable in supportive shoes makes this so much easier.


For women, Revolution II provides airbags and extra cushioning to maximise comfort, while the slip-resistant Zone Traction ensures safety and stability against any potential liquid spillages. 



For men, Evolution II also offers extra cushioning, with a water-resistant upper and a slip-resistant outsole - protecting you from soggy feet and slippery spillages. 



These are just a few of the shoes suitable for your job role, head to our website by clicking the button below to check out loads more styles. Find your favourite and enjoy a more comfortable day at work.



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