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5 of the Best Shoes for Retail Jobs

Working in retail can be tough. Whether you work at a clothing shop folding clothes on tables, emptying items out of the changing rooms, and dealing with customers at the checkout; you work in a tech store walking around to help customers with their needs, placing items on display, and dealing with the new tablet checkout technology; or you work in another retail role, there's no doubt that retail work can be tiring on the feet, mind, and body.



1. A pair of stylish pumps

2. Some easy slip-ons

3. High-street lookalikes, but better

4. Some safe trainers

5. A pair of go-to flats


Walking and standing most of the day can take its toll at the end of the day. When you get home do you suffer from sore feet, legs, and back? If so, you could be wearing the wrong footwear. Have you ever felt like you could slide on the floor at work, and that you narrowly missed a dangerous fall? Well, you're most definitely wearing the wrong footwear.


For retail, you need a shoe that's comfortable, durable, well-fitting, and, most of all, slip-resistant. Slips and trips are one of the most common workplace accidents, so you want to keep yourself safe by wearing slip-resistant footwear. Having the right footwear can really make a difference to your feet, joints, and back, so here are 5 of the best shoes for retail jobs.


1. A pair of stylish pumps

You want to be able to mix up your wardrobe a little so the best go-to shoes are our Old School Low Rider III styles for men and women. Your everyday canvas pumps will not have a leather upper for durability and style, be water resistant for those days walking in the rain to work, have extra cushioning to keep you comfortable on those long shifts, and have TripGuard, where we have a tapered toe to decrease the chance of tripping when moving between surfaces - from say, carpet to hardwood and back. These aren't even all of the features of this shoe.


Old School Low Rider IV





Don't just take our word for it. Our customers agree:


"Fair design, get more comfortable after they wear in. Amazing grip on even the wettest of floors."


"Came in a timely manner and also cheap...but doesn't feel like cheap quality. They are comfy, and I feel like I am stuck to the floor. Good shoes."


"Great shoe. Extremely comfortable. Just ordered a second pair. What else can I say?"


"Very quick delivery. Comfortable and well fitted and the shoes even come with a cleaning tool for the soles. Very happy."


2. Some easy slip-ons

You know those days where you barely have time to dress and you're just rolling out of bed? Well, safety shouldn't be compromised even then. Despite not having time to tie up laces, your style and comfort shouldn't suffer, so you'll need a pair of easy slip ons like our Ollie II men's and women's shoes. Plus, these shoes aren't light on the features: they're water-resistant with material designed to repel liquids; they have a leather upper with a natural fit; and they have a removable insole so you can put in custom insoles or orthotics for added comfort.



Ollie II






Despite not leaving too many comments, our customers consistently rate these shoes 5 stars:


"Great shoes. Really comfy, and great for work."


"Excellent product. Strongly recommended."


"Great shoes that last. I ordered a pair nearly 3 years ago and only had to get new ones this week. Cannot recommend any higher."


3. High-street lookalikes, but better

Safety shoes often come in unfortunate styles, but not at SHOES FOR CREWS (EUROPE), LTD., we have some stylish formal styles that look even better than their high-street counterparts. For those that work in more formal retail roles - perhaps a high end retailer - you may want a more formal work shoe without compromising safety and comfort. Let's face it, sky high heels may look good, but they aren't so good for your back and feet. So we have shoes like the Marla, Kora, and Senator for women and men respectively (and others) that are as lovely as they are safe. They have safety features such as slip-resistance, cushioning, water resistance, leather, and more.









Senator Brown 






Senator Black




4. Some safe trainers

Shoes like our Endurance & Vitality shoe come in a couple of different colours to suit your style, and they are loaded with nearly every safety feature we make! They're water-resistant, have extra cushioning; they're Hoverlite, ventilated, and have Spill Guard; they're vegan, they have Trip Guard, Flex Tread, and Zone Traction; and they're clog resistant, and more. This shoe really does have it all. Trainers are perfect for those days you want extra comfort. Nothing beats a good pair of trainers. Plus, these shoes can take you from work to the gym, on your evening walk, and beyond.


Similar styles include our Freestyle and Revolution shoe. 


Endurance II


Vitality II



Revolution II


Freestyle II




5. A pair of go-to flats

Our Delray men's and women's shoes are similar to your favourite high-tops. It all depends on the look you want to go for, but your every day high-tops are not water resistant. They do not have Spill Guard, or ventilation nor are they Vegan friendly. These shoes look great and will go with your favourite pair of skinny jeans and company t-shirt, and you can even take them with you when you visit your coffee shop down the street - you won't be embarrassed to wear them. Your friends will just think you bought them at an everyday store, but you can tell them that they'll also keep you safe from falls!












Our customers rave about our shoes and we surpass safety ratings every time, making us the safest and highest-rated shoes in the UK (and beyond). Don't forget to stay safe at your retail job by buying one of these amazing pairs of shoes (or even all five if you want a pair for everyday of work!). You won't be disappointed!


How our new sole tech helps retail workers stay safe all day.

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