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5 of the best Kickstarter campaigns for chefs

Kickstarters are the perfect opportunity to lift off chef's dreams of starting their own restaurants or finding investment for an idea. We've had a look through the current kickstarter projects and chose the best campaigns we think would benefit chefs. From specialised chef knives to a caviar maker, we've found an impressive selection of kickstart ideas.



The WiFi Nomiku





The Nomiku is the perfect essential for kitchens. This sous-vide machine is a simple and easy piece of tech designed to heat food. 


Sous-vide is the process of cooking food (meat and vegetables) in temperature controlled water. The technique can be quite tricky as the food needs to be cooked evenly without overcooking the outside. 


Sous-vide machines tend to be quite big and bulky, which can be a pain in a busy kitchen. The Nomiku is small and easy to move around. The kitchen tool can be clipped onto a pot or pan and the temperature is controlled on the small digital screen. Once you've finished with it, you can store it away without having to pull it apart. Because it has WiFi access, it can be used remotely. This saves chefs having to come in early to turn the machine on.


We're expecting more chefs to be adopting this smart piece of tech into their kitchens. Check out the demonstration video:






FINI Cutlery




Fini Knives are designed with chefs in mind. The blades are delicately balanced so when you pick up your chef knife from the blade, the entire knife remains balanced. Most knives dip at the handle because of the weight. These blades are designed to be used for every chef cutting method.


There are two important pieces of equipment every chef needs: one is your slip resistant work shoes and the other is a chef’s knife.








OneCook hopes to be the one cooking machine you’ll ever need. After putting in your ingredients it can be instructed to start cooking your meal in a specific way. You can put in several ingredients and OneCook will prepare and cook your dinner.


OneCook is primarily directed at homeowners who don’t have time to cook their favourite meals. But the cooking machine could also be used in a restaurant kitchen. Similar to a slow cooker, the OneCook can be instructed to slow cook or carry out specific cooking instructions.  



Imperial Spherificator



Ever wished you could turn your favourite food into caviar?


Well, one Kickstarter is going to make your dream a reality. The Spherificator turns food and liquid into caviar pearl sized balls. They can then be used as a side garnish or even in cocktail drinks. This device opens up many experimental opportunities.








Finally, there is another chef knife that caught our attention. The NextGen knife. 


As a chef will be holding a knife for a majority of their shift, the knife needs to feel comfortable in their hand. Overusing knives can cause calluses to appear on your hands and make your grip ineffective. 


The NextGen knives are designed to comfortably fit in the grip of your hand, to help you reduce overstraining your hand and better cutting performance.



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