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5 of the Best Chef's Knives: Be the Best Chef in the Kitchen

Knives are a chef’s most important arsenal in the kitchen. You need your knife to prepare vegetables, cut meats and chop fine herbs. Your knife is vital at work. A bad knife negatively affects a chef’s craftsmanship and it shows in the overall presentation. This is why you need an exceptional and trustworthy knife. Here are the best chef’s knives currently on the market.



Zwilling J.A. Henckels® Pro S Chef’s Knives 


This one is a favourite for professional chefs.


Henckels knives are traditional and trustworthy blades for food preparation. In fact, this brand has been around for nearly 300 years.


They offer different knife styles which is important for a chef. You need more than one good knife in your kitchen.



The Professional S knife is one thick piece of steel and a full three-rivet handle. On the surface, it looks nothing different from a standard knife but that’s what makes it one of the best chef’s knives. Aesthetically, it’s nothing special but performance wise you can trust it to work efficiently for the long term. As a chef, you’re in the kitchen over 35 hours a week and you’re likely using the same knife every hour so it needs to last longer than one month.

Wüsthof® Classic Ikon Hollow-Edge Santoku Knives


Made in Germany, the Wüsthof knife brand means business.


The Classic Ikon Hollow-Edge is made from specially tempered high carbon steel to give it maximum strength and durability. When you’re cutting vegetables every day, you need a blade that can withstand everyday usage. The hollowed grates in the blade are a unique aesthetic and practical feature.


The knife handle is designed to the curvature of your hand which makes it comfortable to use for long hours at a time. From handle to blade, it is perfectly balanced and the exceptionally sharp blade means it’s almost effortless to use.


The Japanese blade style is thicker and slightly shorter than other types of chef’s knives but it gives a stronger cut.

Global G-48 18cm Fluted Santoku


This is another Japanese style blade but what makes the Global series a popular choice for chefs is it’s more affordable. This is a knife you will likely see in a restaurant and a homeowner’s kitchen, it’s affordable and a perfect all-rounder. If you only wanted to use one knife in your kitchen, you would pick this one.


The lightweight blade is easy to handle and manoeuvre around awkward ingredients. Chopping, slicing and dicing is an easy task for the Global Fluted Santoku.


Without a doubt, this is a great blade but if you’re looking for a more specialist chef’s blade then you might want to look at the Wüsthof.

MAC Brand Mighty Chef Knife



You can’t go wrong with a MAC Brand. They’re not the prettiest knives compared to some of the blades we’ve mentioned but when famous professional chefs like Thomas Keller are promoting them, they must be good.


The handle is not as comfortable as a Wüsthof chef knife but they’re a sharp and efficient chopping blade for the kitchen. Again, this is another all-rounder, you can use it for so many different types of cuts. If you need to grab a knife quickly to prepare a dish, you won’t be disappointed using a Mac Brand.  

Saji Craft




Whilst you might not want this beauty in your restaurant kitchen, Saji Craft knives are definitely great knives for chefs.


Why? For a start, it is a beautiful piece of art. And just like a samurai blade, it has an incredible sharp cutting edge.


The aesthetic appearance is so artistic it looks like an ornament rather than a cutting knife. However from the sharpness of the blade, it’s a shame not to use it in the kitchen.


With a price tag of over £400 it is an expensive purchase. But if you’re passionate about cooking than it’s a worthwhile buy.

Be the best chef in the kitchen

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