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5 cool work shoes for summer: best slip resistant footwear

The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, that only means one thing: summer is coming. Even when you’re working, you can appreciate the season by wearing suitable footwear. Wearing the same shoes you wore for your Christmas shifts is uncomfortable. They are thicker and designed to protect your feet from rain and cold. In summer you need more comfortable styles. Take advantage of the good weather, here are the best work shoes for summer...



1. Valencia


Valencia (3618) classical style for summer


A simple and classic shoe but perfect for most occasions. Valencia is a lightweight style with an ultra soft, suede-like lining making it a comfortable shoe when you’re working an eight-hour shift on your feet.  One of the worst things as a waitress or a bartender is getting sore and achy feet. Valencia’s padded heel and cushioned insole gives you the support you need from a pair of work shoes.


In summer, this classic ballet slipper style offers your feet extra ventilation. 


If you’ve got plans to see friends straight after work, Valencia looks like a smart everyday shoe so you can get away with wearing them and not feel like you’re still at work. Just like all our shoes, Valencia is fitted with our SFC Mighty Grip slip-resistant outsole to reduce the chances of you slipping or falling at work.




2. Cabbie



Cabbie (6053) water repellent canvas and slip-resistant outsole



It’s one of the worst feelings, working full-time when all the kids are on their summer holidays. The casual style of Cabbie makes you feel like you’re not getting ready for work but instead putting on your favourite everyday shoes.  


It’s a common misconception that all work shoes are dull to look at. Cabbie proves that misconception wrong. At first sight, you wouldn’t consider Cabbie as a work shoe because the canvas style looks like an ordinary shoe, but behind the style there are all the features you need from your work shoes:

  • Water resistance
  • Cushioned insoles (removable)
  • Padded collar
  • Heel support
  • Slip resistant outsole


When you’re looking to buy new work shoes for summer, treat yourself to a comfortable style. There are major differences between work shoes and shoes from the high street, see the differences, buy shoes for work that will actually support you at work.


(Discover the benefits of shoes with arch support in the catering industry.)



3. Old School Low Rider II


Old School Low Rider II (6054) comfortable work shoes with an iconic charm


The Old School Low Rider II is already a popular style for servers and bar staff but just like the Cabbie, the Old School’s classic style makes it the perfect footwear for work in summer.


Made from genuine leather, it’s easy to clean, and offers your feet extra protection and ventilation. There are many benefits of wearing leather shoes, we don’t need to bore you.


Our Old School shoes have cushioned and supportive insoles to keep your feet supported for the entire shift to reduce the chance of feeling aches and pains. Once you’ve finished your shift, you can enjoy the rest of the summer evening without needing to change your shoes.


This shoe has the style of an everyday shoe but the sole of a work shoe.  



4. SFC Froggz Classic II

SFC Froggz Classic II (5011) lightweight and protective shoes for working in a kitchen 


They might look like sandals but these are the best summer work shoes for chefs.


Available in white or black, the Froggz Classic gives you everything you need when working a long shift in the kitchen. It’s already hot working in a busy kitchen with your colleagues but the hot summer weather will make it even hotter. The lightweight and rubber blend material makes the Froggz Classic a comfortable and cool style that stops your feet from suffering a heatwave in your shoes.


The self-massaging insoles help to relieve tension and aches along with giving your feet extra support.

5. Aristocrat III 

Aristocrat III (2031) polished oxford style


The appearance of your work shoes always matters. When you’ve got a job role that means you’re working with customers on a daily basis, it’s especially critical you look smart. The durable full grain leather of Aristocrat III means this professional shoe has a long life line. Your work shoes will look stunning throughout the summer season.


Aristocrat III is fitted with a shock-absorbing outsole and effective arch support so your feet are protected throughout your shift. Walking outside, walking on hard surfaces and walking on slippery surfaces, these slip-resistant shoes will help you stay on your feet.   



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