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4 supportive scrub shoes to help you survive long surgeries

Scrub shoes are perhaps the most popular shoes to wear when working in healthcare. They offer strong support compared to trainers and other athletic styles. As most scrub footwear is made of leather or rubber they can be easily cleaned. As a nurse or a doctor, having to clean your shoes on a regular basis is a must to meet high hygiene standards. Where scrub shoes most excel is that they're the preferred choice when you're working in a long surgery. If you're expected to stand for long periods of time, you need supportive shoes. These are the best scrub shoes to wear for work:



Best shoes for standing in a surgery



Eastside White is an easy slip on style and provides all the support you would expect from running shoes. This slip-resistant scrub shoe is excellent for all types of work in healthcare. From standing to assist in surgeries and doing rounds in wards. The padded collars and removable cushioned insoles provides extra comfort and support. 


Having supportive shoes is key when working in healthcare. You're on your feet for long hours at a time and if you don't wear shoes that offer plenty of support you'll end up with sore feet.


It's important to take care of your health, here's some healthcare tips for nurses.



Smart lightweight style



Falcon II is ergonomically designed to support you and enhance productivity. You might not realise it but your shoes have a major impact on your personal attitude and physical wellbeing. When you're working in healthcare, you need to be working at your best, at all times. 


This is a lightweight style which is perfect for working a 12-hour shift because it puts less pressure on your feet. Just like all our healthcare shoes, Triston has excellent slip-resistant grip on all types of slippery floor surfaces. 



Comfortable and self-massaging clogs


The Froggz Classic White is a popular clog style for working in healthcare, there are many benefits to wearing clogs.


Made from high quality durable rubber, this is a reliable pair of scrub shoes for work compared to cheaper alternatives. Along with comfort and support, the Froggz Classic has self-massaging insoles, which helps to rub and massage away tension in your feet while you work.



Casual style with professional features

The Old School Low Rider II is a lightweight healthcare style. The casual design makes it a favourite option for working in hospitals, surgeries and care homes.  The cushioned insoles and upgraded footboard gives you extra support and comfort when you're standing for long periods of time. During a surgery, it's important to regularly move your legs to avoid cramps but wearing comfortable footwear helps too.



High quality scrub shoes and other healthcare styles

Finding shoes for work can feel like a huge job at times, especially when you want your work shoes to tick lots of boxes. Like comfort, support, style, slip-resistant grip and affordability.


At Shoes For Crews (Europe) Ltd. our healthcare shoes tick all the boxes. We understand you want your shoes to last longer than three months. Our shoes for healthcare professionals are made from high quality materials and are designed to support you at work, in every aspect of your job. All our styles are also equipped with incredible slip-resistant grip.


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Finding the right shoes for work can be difficult when there are so many options. Our healthcare guide helps you find the best shoes for your job.

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