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4 of the Best Food Spray Guns for Pastry Chefs

Food spray guns are just one of the many different types of tools and equipment pastry chefs are expected to use in the kitchen when baking and decorating food. When you're using some of these tools everyday, it's obvious you want the best in your inventory. That's why we've listed some of the best food spray guns to help you find the best spray gun for your kitchen. 



1. MultiSPRAY


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Along with decorating desserts, food spray guns save time when you've got loads of other jobs to do. This food spray gun is excellent for spraying oil and egg wash when preparing trays and foods for baking. It's quicker to spray egg glaze over your baking trays rather than spending extra time doing it manually. With this spray, you also get a balanced result.


The downward nozzle means it's easy and requires barely any effort to use. The focused spray helps limit the additional amount of mess too. 


Image Credit: KREA Swiss SprayBox


If you want to save on additional kitchen mess, this company also offers a sprayBOX, which is a folding spray cabinet - so the spray gets on the food (or your baking tray) and not all over the kitchen! It's important to note too that KREA Swiss sprayers are food safe certified, which paint guns are not.



2. HotCHOC Chocolate Spray Gun



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This food spray is perfect for spraying a mixture of chocolate and cocoa butter. It has a special heating unit that heats the chocolate and butter to a temperature of 28c - 35c. Unlike some cheaper food sprays, this one has a nozzle warmer which greatly reduces the chance of chocolate cooling and blocking the nozzle. The hotCHOC has a more focused spray so there's less mess too.  


With the combination of melted chocolate and butter, you can achieve a fantastic velvety effect on any dessert.


It's an expensive piece of kit but a recommended investment for your kitchen.


3. Krebs LM2 oilSPRAY Electric Spray Gun




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The Krebs oil spray electric spray gun is lightweight and is perfect for spraying oil, release agents, or water. The settings allow you to spray a thin layer of liquid. There's minimum overspray and cleanup. It's idea for pizza and bakery applications. When using the Krebs oilSPRAY gun, it's recommended to put paper or slip-resistant mats on the floor to help avoid anyone slipping.


Tips on how to reduce slips and falls in your restaurant kitchen.  


4. Kopykake Airmaster Airbrush Set


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With a slight turn of the knob with the Kopykate Airmaster Airbrush Set, you can choose either low pressure for delicate work up to a large spray pattern. The built in air accumulator tank eliminates pulsation, so you won't get splutters all over your beautiful work. The kit includes an air brush, a compressor, a hose, and a wrench. For those who like to do spray decorations on cakes and delicate foods, this airbrush sprayer is a must have for pastry chefs. 



Reduce accidents when using food spray guns

Kitchens can be frantic a lot of the time but especially so when it is busy. Because of this, things can get very messy and spray guns can cause extra mess on the floor which, in turn, increases the risk of someone slipping and/or suffering an injury at work. It's important that staff are trained to use spray guns correctly to minimise the amount of mess. 


Because of how messy it can get, the floor can be a big hazard and so, the correct footwear is a must for any staff working in the kitchen. Wearing slip-resistant shoes at work will greatly reduce the chance of falling in any circumstances. Kitchens already have plenty of slip hazards but chefs can improve their safety at work by wearing the right shoes.


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