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2020 Hospitality Trends That Will Delight Visitors

Whether they’re big or small changes, some hospitality trends can create tidal waves in the industry. The challenging part is finding the right balance between the trends that can benefit the business and also put customer delight first so they’re left seriously impressed.



While methods like embracing social media, creating captivating web experiences and more are somewhat basic and inexpensive tactics (yet still beneficial), check out these hospitality trends you should try in 2020 to delight your guests and change their experience for the better.

Smart Rooms


Technology is a game-changer in today’s era and as guests are more tech-savvy than ever, they want to experience an atmosphere that supports this. Those in the hospitality industry need to provide more than what many would call basic amenities like USB sockets being close to a bed in a hotel room.

Think voice activation; technology which can adjust lights, temperature and other features in a room which can alleviate visitor experience. Something as simple as a Google Home or an Amazon Echo can eliminate potential risks of poor reviews and middle-of-the-night complaints to the front desk.


Plus, these gadgets are cost-effective, readily available and something guests will be further delighted by to heighten their experience.


Image Credit: Bloomberg




Simple yet super effective. The hospitality industry is entering a golden age of personalisation in response to ever-evolving consumer expectations - we all have to change. Visitors have embraced their uniqueness. They want to feel special and receive a service that they feel is specifically tailored to them and not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Personalisation is a trend on the rise. Technology providers are looking into solutions so that visitor experience can soon be 100 percent tailored to their individual needs, from food to music preferences.


Basically, treat guests like unique individuals and not names in a booking system.

Recognising them and catering to their distinctive needs and preferences through personal interactions with staff, for example, can go a long way. By showing visitors that they’re unique, they’re more likely to stay delighted and keep you in mind.


User-Generated Content


The hospitality industry relies heavily on reviews and visuals for marketing purposes and attracting more guests. Visitors now tend to prefer hearing the opinions of genuine people that have been in their position and seeing the content they’ve shared on social media platforms, as opposed to directly from your business.

Encourage visitors to share photos, videos and tag themselves at your business at any opportunity. By doing this, you’ll delight the visitors you’ve already had by showcasing their content and also future guests who will appreciate how much you value visitors and their experiences.


Food Focus


Food is another area that’s never going to lose popularity in the hospitality industry. While food itself isn’t a new trend for 2020, the new and different ways businesses are incorporating food into visitor experience is certainly a trend worth jumping on the bandwagon for.


After all, there are many visitors who choose hotels exclusively for their food and the food experiences on offer. 

From providing decadent in-room dining services until the early hours to obscure experiences, the point is to not stick to an ordinary dining room.

The Kristiania Lech Hotel, for example, offers guests curated gourmet experiences, such as a romantic picnic in the snow arranged by a ski valet. There’s an Arabian-style rug adorned with soft and colourful pillows, romantic candles, warm fur blankets in a snowy field with champagne.


Image Credit: Kristiania Lech Hotel

All of this is for guests to simply enjoy Austrian delicacies. We’re not saying you need to do the same thing, but you should get the idea of how important food trends have become to delight visitors.




With visitors becoming more aware of their carbon footprint, it’s something those in the hospitality should focus on minimising where possible. Businesses embracing these values and adapting can not only warm guests but also delight them. 

Even basics like cutting down on energy waste, using responsibly-sourced toiletries, turning off lights and air conditioning when rooms are vacant can go a long way. Going paperless and adopting software is another approach that can see you go green on several fronts and leave a great impression on visitors.

Sustainability is the latest trend that’s here to stay. So, look for ways to be as carbon neutral as possible and actually advertise it so that you can impress visitors who are seeking hotels that follow in the same path.


Take the First Step Towards Delighting Your Visitors


Good hospitality never goes out of style. Hospitality trends go a long way towards creating memorable guest experiences that can delight your visitors, all so that they return and eventually become promoters for future guests to consider your business.

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