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£2.8 BILLION! The cost of injuries at work for employers in Great Britain

Do you know how much it costs Great Britain when employees are injured at work or get a work-related illness? Being injured at work doesn't only have financial repercussions for the employee but also costs the employer and the economy. We've broken down the costs in Great Britain so you can see what employers have to pay for each time their employee is injured in the workplace. You'll be surprised by the statistics!




According to data collected by Health and Safety Executive, every year, injuries at work result in significant costs to the UK economy. If an employee has to take time off work as a result of an injury or sickness caused by work, an employer will have to pay for:

  • Loss of work production
  • Health care cost
  • Compensation (for non-fatal and fatal injuries)

It has been estimated every year 600,000 workers are injured at work. In the 2013/2014 statistics collected by HSE, they uncovered:


£14.3 billion - the total cost of illnesses and injuries at work in Great Britain

This number has decreased by 18% since 2004/05 but it has not declined further since 2009/10. Showing employers still have room to improve.


By breaking down these costs between individuals, employer and government we can see how much injuries at work cost. 



     £ 8.2 billion

     Government      £ 3.4 billion
       Employer     £ 2.8 billion


The greatest cost is to the individuals (the victims) of the illnesses or injuries caused in the workplace. The cost of time off work and health care is a major expense. 


How much do injuries at work cost employers?


The cost of injuries at work for employers seems smaller in comparison to the cost of individuals and government but here we can see the breakdown of what employers have to pay for when an employee has to take time off work. 


When an employee has to take time off because of a workplace injury or sickness, an employer pays for:

  • Statutory sick pay (occupational sick pay)
  • National insurance paid on statutory sick pay
  • Reorganise work flow
  • Payment for temporary staff
  • Employers' Liability Compulsory Insurance
  • Increase in health insurance
  • Administration cost of statutory sick pay
  • Legal costs
  • Additional fines

The biggest cost to British employers is the cost of statutory sick pay (1,145 billion) and Employers' Liability Compulsory Insurance (1,176 billion).


With 2.8 billion pounds you could:

  • Pay for the cost of launching 9 space shuttles!

The cost of injuries at work for employers is expensive but it can be avoided if business owners help keep their employees safe.


How to reduce the cost of injuries at work 

Here are some of the ways you can help prevent accidents in the workplace:

  • Maintain health and safety standards
  • Listen to employees' concerns about the working environment
  • Educate employees to help upkeep safety standards
  • Keep walkways clear of hazards
  • Invest in sufficient lighting
  • Fix uneven flooring
  • Equip your workforce with the correct shoes for work

Each year 600,000 workers are injured at work and over half of this number are due to slips, trips and falls. 


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Great Britain is considered as one of the safest places to work in Europe but there is still room to improve and reduce the costs of injuries at work. Improve your health and safety standards and keep your employees safe by wearing the correct shoes for work.  


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Are you surprised by the cost of injuries at work for employers? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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