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2.1 MILLION working days lost! Shocking facts about injuries at work

In a study by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) this year, it was estimated that over 600,000 workers are injured at work every year in Great Britain alone. Promisingly, the number of fatal injuries at work have reduced over the past five years as businesses improve health and safety measures in the workplace. Whilst the number of non-fatal injuries has also decreased, it has actually begun to plataeu, meaning that there is now room for improvement. We outline some of the shocking stats about today's workplace injuries and how you can prevent them.


In the last five years the number of reported non-fatal injuries at work have leveled off


Injuries at work report by HSE

Every year Health and Safety Executive collects revealing data on how many fatal and non-fatal injuries took place in the workplace. 


From the 2014/2015 report it was highlighted that in Great Britain alone:

  • Over half of the fatal injuries caused at work were a result of: falls from great height, being hit by a vehicle or struck by a moving object
  • Annually over 600,000 workers sustained a non-fatal injury at work
  • 1.2 million workers suffered a work related illness
  • Injuries from carrying heavy objects were a frequent cause of people taking time off work

Slips and Trips are major factor

More than half of the reported injuries in Great Britain were caused by slips, trips and falls:



In fact 21,331 slips and trips were reported in years 2014/15. Furthermore, injuries that contributed to staff absence for more than seven days were also significant:


The data shows just how important workplace safety is and what an important role slip-resistant footwear can play in the health of  your workforce (and it's efficiency).


Slips, trips and falls a major cause of injuries at work

HSE statistics revealed that slips, trips and falls resulted in 2.1 million lost work days across 2014/15. Although most of the injuries were non-fatal, the impact on British business will still have been significant. To put the figures into context - 2.1 million work days equates to 1 full working year for 8,300 people!



Which Industry is most at risk?

The HSE also collected data for injuries in specific sectors. The following table depicts in exactly which industries slips and falls have occurred most over the last 24 months:



Number of injuries caused

by slips, trips and falls 2014/2015

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing 81
Mining and Quarrying 28
Manufacturing 912
Gas, electricity & water supply 248
Construction 503
Services 5,910


With 77% of all reported slips and falls occurring in service industries - it is strikingly clear how important and influential slip resistant footwear can be to accident reduction. We specialise in slip resistant footwear for the food service industry and are committed to reducing workplace injuries.




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How to decrease slips, trips and falls at your company

Accidents at work caused by slips and trips are one of the most common forms of injuries in the workplace and employers can help prevent them by:

  • Keeping walkways clear
  • Cleaning up spills immediately
  • Ensure all employees understand health and safety regulations
  • Equipping your staff with the correct slip resistant footwear

The report shows us that industries such as services, manufacturing and construction have the highest risk of falls at work. By wearing slip-resistant footwear, you will immediately limit the risk of a slip (and potential injury) at work. 


Footwear by Shoes For Crews are worn by employees in a range of industries. Workers in food service, manufacturing, construction, health care and other sectors wear Shoes For Crews because of our reputation and level of performance in industry recognised tests. The Health and Safety Laboratory recently awarded SFC with a 5 Star Grip Rating, the highest rating possible for safety shoes. 


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Slips, trips and falls are accidents that can be prevented. Start by making sure you have the right shoes for work.


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